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Southern Alberta Construction offers a 24 hour emergency service. if you home is flooding or has suffered damage from a fire or vehicle impact i urge you to call now (403.457.4616.) Our Emergency service crews will be at your home in 90 minutes or less to assist in cleanup or reducing further damage. 


What are the first steps when it comes to a flood? 

It depends on the type of flood, the end  goal of all the floods is the same, it's important to reduce humidity and get rid of the moisture to prevent mold growth.  There are many different scenarios that require different mitigation practices and procedures. Feel free to call with any questions you may have. 

Should I tear the wet drywall out? 

That all depends, if your house was built prior to 1990 it is important to check for asbestos before doing any tear out. 

Should I put regular fans on the floor to help dry it? 

Again, that all depends.. If the water contains any type of sewage or has been sitting and mold growth has begun then you don't want to make any bacteria or microbial growth airborne. The best thing to do at that point is remove all of the water damaged materials and clean the area with an anti microbial cleaner, set up dehumidifiers and once it is safe to do so fans can be added. We highly recommend you consult with the certified IICRC professionals at SACS.

If you have a clean water flood then yes, after the standing water has been removed you can set up fans. The fans professional restoration contractors use are considerably more powerful and efficient then domestic conventional drying equipment

Will mold grow now that I've had a flood? 

There is a sense of urgency to reduce the relative humidity in the structure to prevent mold growth, but yes, if you have a flood and do not deal with it properly there is a possibility you will have mold growth within 24-72 hours. Use a moisture meter and find all areas that have been affected by water and deal with each area appropriately. Try to get the relative humidity below 40% as fast as possible. 

Are all floods covered by insurance ? 

Sadly no, its important to talk to your adjuster and take photos and record the cause of loss. some policy's are different than others. Its important to know what you are covered for but in the event of a flood the most important thing is preventing further damage by dealing with the water affected materials. 

How can i prevent floods from happening in my home? 

There are many common issues that can cause floods in a home. some of the issues are listed below

-fridge line at back of fridge breaks and causes floods 

-sewer backup caused floods 

-toilet line breaking and causing a flood

-dishwasher line breaking and causing a flood 

The easiest way to prevent flooding in your home is to make sure that your have up to date modern plumbing, older plumbing such as poly b is prone to leaks and pipe bursts. You can also have a plumber come and inspect all of the connections to toilets and appliances to make sure that they look secure and in good working condition. 

If you do have an emergency flood please call now 403.457.4616

CALL NOW 403.457.4616

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