Calgary ICF Construction

Constructing any type of building is easy nowadays. However, you cannot resort to any method to create a solid, long-lasting building. Our company offers insulating concrete form (ICF) construction to any designer who needs it. There are several reasons why you should consider investing in ICF construction.

Why People Need ICF Construction

Everyone wants a strong, solid building construction. The strength and quality of the construction is more important than the price or design. That is because buildings are constantly under the threats of attacks, such as bombings, lighting strikes and fires, that could break the structures apart.

The insulated concrete form outline ensures that the construction company is paying attention. It is a system that uses reinforced concrete to attain a high level of stability. The concrete is reinforced with a stronger material, such as steel, and designed to resist all forms of damage.

The ICF method is the solution to cracking and total structural disintegration that affects every type of building. As a result, people feel safer in their buildings, and the owners feel more confident about their investments. In areas where there are high rates of crime, people feel anxious when they enter and exit buildings.

The Elements of ICF Construction

Insulated concrete form construction is a system that uses solid, reinforced concrete and insulation. The formwork is composed of interlocked modules that are constructed using a variety of materials:

  • Foam
  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Wood fiber
  • Thastyron

The steel bars are inserted and then the concrete is filled to provide additional strength. The ICF buildings differ by the type of material along with the shape and form.

The Benefits of ICF Construction

We construct our buildings based on stringent building codes, which ensure the safety of all users. We know how important it is for owners to follow the rules. If not, they could break the law and face fines.

High-rise buildings are kept safe with the use of sophisticated building techniques. The building is less likely to collapse and damage a number of floors if it becomes severely damaged.

Thermal insulation is necessary to have in any building that uses energy. An ICF system provides a layer of insulation that conserves energy instead of waste it. Insulation is the key to saving thousands of dollars on energy bills every month.

Soundproofing is similar to heat insulation, but it involves sound. Excessive sound is kept out of building so that the people indoors can live in peace and quiet. Also, the sounds are kept within the building walls so that the people outdoors do not hear.

Insulated concrete form buildings provide a countless list of benefits. From thermal insulation to solid steel-enforced strength, there is a good reason why the ICF method is widely used. Maintaining your peace of mind is the main reason why we provide these constructions to you. Contact us to see how we can get started on your ICF construction.

Southern Alberta Construction offers experience when it counts. If you are considering a project that will incorporate an ICF foundation or even entire ICF construction i encourage you to give us a call. the advanatages of ICF are listed below.

  • strong walls
  • disaster resistance and safety
  • mold, rot, mildew, and insect resistance (below grade can require termite protection)
  • sound-blocking ability
  • overall comfort
  • energy efficiency and resultant cost savings

Contractors and builders like:

  • fast, easy construction
  • flexibility
  • light weight for easy shipping and erection
  • compatibility with carpenter trades
  • ability to meet higher energy code mandates with less complicated construction


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