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Asbestos and mould remediation is a big part of any restoration contractors services. 

In older homes where water damage has occurred there can be asbestos in drywall, vinyl floors, masonry , textured ceilings and many other places. its important to be educated on the safe way to remove and dispose of Asbestos containing materials (ACM) 

Mold can be caused by many different things, some mold is toxic to our health and other types are not. Its important to understand the not only the type of mold you are removing but also what caused the mold to appear in the first place. 

Mold and Asbestos abatements should be done by certified, insured professionals.Southern Alberta Construction Services Emergency services team are well versed in removing all types of mold and asbestos. 



If i see mold is my health in danger? 

Well that all depends, most molds are not toxic to your health and the ones that are toxic to your health need to be relaased into the air in order for them to cause damage. 

Should i remove the mold myself?

If you have formal training and the correct equipment to make sure the mold or asbestos is removed safely then i would say you could remove it your self. 

How does mold or asbestos harm me? 

if the mold spores or asbestos fibres are released into the air you can breath them in. Asbestos is an extremely small non destructible material that once breathed into your lungs may  not ever be able to come out causing asbestosis.  Mold can cause respiratory problems, rashes or itching. 

Can i tell if it has asbestos by looking at it? 

While there are some materials that are commonly made with asbestos its impossible to tell until your send samples to a lab. We can take the samples for you and send them in to the lab for testing. 

How much does this cost? 

The cost of mold or asbestos removal can vary, it depends on the amount of material that needs to be removed and the procedure that needs to be followed in order to remove it, all asbestos removals are governed by OH&S (occupational health and safety) in Alberta and need to  follow the guidelines of the Alberta Asbestos removal manual. 

Each specific project willl have a different price but an experienced professional should be able to give a fast accurate quote after seeing the project. 

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If you have any questions regarding mold or asbestos feel free to call for more information. We will send out a trained professional to give you more insight into the risks and costs associated with your project.