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Structural Repairs and Restoration

photo of open roof being repairedphoto of q deckphoto of a mezzaninephoto of a half burnt housephoto of fire damaged hoseuphoto of fire damaged housephoto of structural shoring

Structural Repairs and Restoration

Everybody has bad days. Sometimes your alarm clock doesn’t go off and other times a car veers off the road and runs into your home. No matter how hard your day was, we can help. Our vast construction knowledge and experience is put too good use restoring a building to as good as, or better than its original state. Whether your house has burnt down or water has been slowly sleeping in and causing wood rot and mold, we have the knowledge and the all-star team to turn your frown upside down. We offer repairs and reconstruction on wood frame, steel frame and concrete constructed buildings

We offer:

Asbestos / Mold Remediation

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Asbestos and Mold

Fire restoration to actual structure

Fire Restoration

Beam replacements

Beam Replacements

Hail damage restoration

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