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Butler Products & Systems

Southern Alberta Construction is proud to offer the durability and functionality of Butler® building systems and products. When it comes to appearance and functionality, Butler® provides a huge range of building options. Each and every piece of our Butler® building systems is designed, engineered, and manufactured to your particular specifications, ensuring both fast assembly and long-term performance.

Our Butler® building systems are divided into three main categories: Structural Systems, Roof Systems, and Wall Systems. Each one features The Butler® Difference: these building systems are innovative, durable and offer an unmatched level of performance.

Structural Systems

Flexibility, efficiency, and productivity: that’s what Butler® structural systems are all about. Designed to use steel materials as efficiently as possible, Butler® structural systems cover a wide range of building solutions for every need. Thanks to Butler®, our structural options range from vast clearspan buildings to multistory designs and beyond.

Butler® structural systems offer virtually unlimited flexibility when it comes to building dimensions such as width, height and roof slope. In addition, they provide a wide selection of exterior finish options. Buildings with large modules and bay sizes can also be accommodated.

Roof Systems

Butler® has been setting the standard for roof systems for over 40 years thanks to their MR-24® roof. It was the first and still is the leading standing-seam roof system in the industry. Weathertight protection and long-term durability are guaranteed by the many proprietary features that set the MR-24® roof system apart from the rest.

In addition to the MR-24® we offer many other Butler® roof systems to meet your particular requirements. Depending on your performance needs, we can easily alter the materials, dimensions and slope of the roof. Whatever roofing choice you make, you can ensure that Butler® will bring you weathertight, durable and efficient performance.

Wall Systems

Butler® wall systems are a great complement to their structural systems, lending a finish that is both attractive and practical to any building. We offer a wide range of styles and finishes for your structure, from fluted profiles to smooth, flat panels that provide a uniform appearance. Textured panels are also available if you wish to create a unique stucco look.

Butler® wall systems are highly versatile, and can accommodate projects that require specific applications of energy efficiency, such as cold-storage. Finally, due to their superior engineering, Butler® wall systems are easy to install quickly yet accurately.

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